How to maintain wooden and leather furniture:

  • Damp cloth should be used to clean the furniture only. Solutions that contain ammonia, alcohol, or any other chemicals should be not applied on wood and leather, including wax , perfume and mosquito repellents.

  • Should there be stains on the wood, please use a clean cloth with a small amount of mayonnaise on the surface. The stains should disappear thereafter.
  • To clean fabric cushions, please gently scrub by using a soft toothbrush with diluted soap or body wash. To clean leather cushions, please use a damp cloth to clean only. Refrain from using wax, alcohol, or any chemicals.

  • Avoid placing the furniture under direct sunlight or rain, as authentic wood can still absorb moisture albeit being processed before. Shrinking and swelling may occur naturally based on the temperature at the time.

  • Products cannot endure sharp objects such as knives, utility knives, and scissors.
  • Although our wood has already been sprayed with wood-damaging pest repellent, it is recommended that additional repellent be applied regularly to protect the woods from insects in your area.

  • Once the product is received, the Company will not be liable for any marks on the wood or any surface that occurred from the usage of the customer, as the Company uses a high-quality coating substance and has performed a quality control check before shipping out the products.

  • In case the product has not been used and needs to be stored temporarily, it is recommended that the product be unpacked first (can use sheets or other fabrics to cover the product) in order to allow it to ventilate moisture.

In case of self-assembly:

  • The product will be shipped in a wooden container via a delivery service provider. Due to its heavy weight, it is recommended that the product be handled by multiple people (The staff will assist in only unloading the product from the vehicle).

  • Please carefully open the wooden container with a screwdriver or an electric drill (yanking and using blunt force to break open are not recommended).

  • Carefully unpack the product from the container. Do not let the product come in contact with sharp objects.

  • In case the product is a table with a wooden tabletop, please turn the product upside down and start unpacking while the tabletop is still being protected by the packing material. This is to ensure that no damage will occur to the product.

  • Small wooden blocks will be provided, where they are holed to allow assembly with the tabletop with screws. To start assembling the product, place the table legs next to the blocks on the side and on the top. The hole in the block should align with the hole in the tabletop. Then, use a screwdriver to screw all parts tightly.

  • Once the legs are assembled, it is recommended that the table be turned upside down by multiple people with utmost care. Try not to allow the tabletop to touch the ground.

  • Although products such as tall shelving units are designed with proper balance in mind, for your own safety, it is recommended that a professional be employed to assemble the product with the wall. This is to prevent danger that may occur to adults, children, or animals coming in contact with, hitting, climbing, and hanging, resulting in the product knocking down.