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Price and Size

WxDxH : 62 x 70 x 90
TRK-01 : 11,900 THB

WxDxH : 62 x 70 x 120
TRP-01 (Headrest) : 13,900 THB
(Shipping and Vat are not  included)

Seat size :  52 x 48 cm

Wood : 30 years wood, 5 layer PU
Metal : Powder Coat

Arm rest : Lenght 15.5 cm | Height of armrest 15 cm

Adjustable Height : Minimum  42 cm | Miximun 54 cm
Revoling Chair | Adjustable Height | Flexible backrest

Weight : 12 kg
Already apporved : 180 kg

It’s the office chair with futuristic design. It is created to be a new version of other normal office chairs that may be broken easily. especially their casters and backrests. We then combined the futuristic and space concept with premium materials like the real wood which is compressed with high pressure in the mold, the 8 mm-thick steel of the back, and the steel structure of the chair which is painted with EDP system like in automobile industry does