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Price and Size

Extra thickness of the top 5 cm
Extra thickness of the top 4 cm
WxDxH : 60 x 60 x 75 cm
DRV-01 (Square) : 7,490 THB
DRV-01 (Circle) : 7,990  THB

WxDxH : 70 x 70 x 75 cm
DRV-01 : (Square): 8,470 THB
DRV-01 (Circle) : 8,940  THB
(Shipping and Vat are not  included)

Wood : 30 years wood, 5 layer PU
Metal :  Powder Coat

(60x 60 x 75 cm)  18 kg
(70 x 70 x 75 cm)  19 kg
Already apporved
(60x 60 x 75 cm)  50 kg
(70 x 70 x 75 cm)  60 kg

The design was inspired by a shape of table leg that looks alike champagne bottle, or those ordinary single-leg tables. The designer had redesigned that concept to be better, and still prioritize the wide space below its table. The new design focuses on two steel flat bars going up along together and leave a wide gap in the middle where it looks like a free space for light interference. This makes Drivin looks outstanding and different from those ordinary single-leg tables.