A guide to interior design trends 2024



It is a style that focuses mainly on luxury. There is a selection of high-quality finishing materials in silver, brass, and pink gold. Each room has a color gradient for matching, and what indicates the luxury is chandeliers, wool carpets, and marble used as the main decoration contrasting with gold. Large mirrors are installed on the wall to make the room look shiny and wider when the light hits. The furniture is lined with fabric or velvet, creating a light and comfortable touch to reflect the tastes of high-end customers.

Minimal Minimalist

This style emphasizes the bright tone, such as white, black, light gray, or light brown, blended together to make the atmosphere look warm. Inside the house, floating furniture and real wooden materials in simple and easy-on-the-eyes shapes are used, but few pieces (only the necessary things in daily life, for example, the bed, wardrobe, cabinet, or TV stand.) Desks and dining tables are made of wood with natural colors to make the most benefits in the 2 in 1 style. For example, a wooden sofa with a compartment for storage. Rooms are not decorated in flashy or colorful patterns. Anyway, some pieces of furniture can be vivid if you want to make them outstanding in some angles.

Industrial / Loft

Industrial or Loft styles are normally different, but there are some similarities that lead to their combination now. The wall material is red bricks and steel pipes to highlight the bare wall including the structure of a high ceiling. The wall is made of bare concrete, and there are large mirrors to fill the space with a black steel frame. Moreover, the interior furniture is dark tones of real wood mixed with black steel and warm lights to create a warmer atmosphere but hidden with elegance.

Nordic / Scandinavian

It has a high uniqueness, such as a gable-roof structure, and it emphasizes bright, creamy, white, and light tones, like furniture or materials that are naturally derived from the traditional wood texture, without any additions such as real wood floors, battens, walls, ceilings, shelves, and wardrobes with the rounded shape. Inside the house, different zones are connected comfortably.


The modern style has a geometric shape with real wood slats added to the house. It looks luxurious and simple, focusing on the spaciousness of the living space. A large mirror is installed in the main room to make it look airy, open, and comfortable, not focusing on decorations too much. The highlight of modern styles spotlights on the room’s tone of white, black, and gray in perfect combination, including wooden furniture uses that are unique but still maintain a sleek concept to make it stand out.


It is a contemporary style that is mixed with a popular style today with a style of the past. It uses earth-tone colors and natural or wooden materials. The residents will determine the direction of how the atmosphere comes out. Also, it focuses on practicality, and both styles are mixed to decorate together for blending the atmosphere perfectly.

Woods in Thailand

  • Teak There are many types of teak, but the most popular used in furniture production in Thailand is the golden teak, the medium hardwood from cultivation in private areas, which are grade B and the wood grain is not very beautiful. The hardness of the wood core is low and there are too many gnarls. The age of the trees is in the range of not more than 30-40 years, so there is no natural oil production coming out to prevent termites.
    Therefore, it must also be treated with a termite protection solution like other types of wood that are popularly processed to make furniture, so the price is not high in the general market. In terms of high-quality teak, it will be imported from Myanmar and has about 100 years old, which does not appear in Thailand, causing the import only. It has a beautiful pattern and is popular among high-end customers who want to show wood grain as the price is especially high.
  • Rubberwood It is a popular wood used in furniture production and is also an economic wood that is famous for exporting to foreign countries. It is classified as medium hardwood, like teak that will be processed into interlocking wood, called…
    Finger Joint by compressing small pieces of real wood together until a large sheet of wood. It is very tough and strong and compressed with a liquid to prevent insects, making the wood stronger. Humidity drying makes the wood not swollen and enhances the weather resistance.
    Another important highlight of rubberwood is that the wood has a light color, so fine skin makes the paint seep into the wood surface well. The colors come out beautiful, outstanding, clear, and suitable for those who want to have options in various shades for the perfect fit in the space to match the chosen style of decoration.

Imported woods

  • White Oak It is hardwood with a white and pale yellow color. The wood is quite smooth, making the people feel light and comfortable to touch. White Oak, mostly imported from America, can be used to produce furniture, wood flooring, and wall decoration. There are a lot of resources due to the perpetual replacement plant, and it is popular as the price is suitable for mediocre quality. However, high-quality oak comes from China and Japan, so it will be expensive and will grow slowly. Therefore, it has a finer texture than one from America and must be compressed insect repellent before making furniture.
  • Ash Its color is a pale yellow, almost white, and in foreign countries, it is used to make firewood. In Thailand, it is popular to produce wood flooring. The texture of the wood looks quite a lot compared to white oak. Because there are many splinter grooves and gnarls, it needs more putty than other types of wood. It is not suitable for being exposed to water since it can be shrunk easily; thus, it is usually used for the interior. As the texture is quite coarse, it is rarely used in furniture forming and is less dense than oak and rubberwood. Because good quality should be imported from Europe, if it is from China, the quality will be much lower. Additionally, before making furniture, insect repellent must be pressed first, like oak and rubberwood.


It must be designed in the correct principles of design for balance and strength for good weight support. Also, the design must answer and in accordance with the chosen decoration style.

  • The materials must be strong from the steel structure that must be coated with high-quality paint or baked with Powder Coat paint. It must be difficult to abrasion, prevent rusting of wood, be compressed with the termite protection solution, and use a high standard coating in order to provide a thick enough shield for protection against scratches and water seepage from usage.
  • After-sales service, structure guarantee, and replacement of material parts need to be valid.

W1 Natural colors

Provide warmth and comfort for the eyes, commonly used in minimalist home decor and Scandinavian style.

W2 Golden teak color

Provide luxury, add value, and make the atmosphere in the house look classy.

W3 Dark teak color

Suitable for Loft style, often focusing on contrasting with light-colored walls or bare concrete walls to add strength and prominence.

W4 Black color

Often used in modern decorations to feel cool and have an identity.

W5 Light oak color

Provide both a warm and luxurious feeling, control tone, and perfect for any style.

W6 Dark oak color

Provide a feeling of stability, prudence, and firmness, and contrast perfectly with the light tone of the house.

W7 Dark Walnut color

Provide a feeling of value, classic, vintage in the identity of craft work.

W8 Beech color

Provide warmth cosy, gentle, comfortable feeling.

The charm of soft tones of genuine wood is an obvious texture like tree bark and tree knar. This can’t be found in artificial wood.

Furthermore, the process of making black (W4) and dark oak (W6) tones of genuine wood is tougher than other tones. They tend to show the most obvious wooden texture which can cause a small numbers pigment spot.


  • There should be termite protection spraying around the house at least 1-2 times a year. Also, the house should be prevented from moths entering the house because moths are actually termites in their reproductive age. When they get rid of their wings, they will continue to build nests for termites nests in the house. This may answer the question that many people wonder how termites occur.
  • Wood is sensitive to temperature. In different seasons, there should be a niche for ventilation to prevent the room from being damp or too hot. This allows the wood to have a minimum physical contraction to help preserve it for long-term use.
  • The film can be installed on the table top or use a placemat for long-term protection. If frequent touch with the wood surface is required, such as at restaurants or cafes, we recommend using professional film fixing services, not doing by yourself. Avoid installing glass over wood tops because if there is too much humidity coupled with rooms that do not have good ventilation, it will cause water vapor to accumulate from the natural dehydration of the wood, probably causing the wood to break down.
  • There should be hot or cold clothes or containers before placing them directly on the table top for long-term preservation of wood.
  • When messing with dirt, use a cloth dampened with water or mix with diluted soapy water to clean.
  • Be careful of all chemicals staining the table top because it may cause directly to the coating of the wood.


Types of standard furniture for interior uses that should be focused

  • Important space points for uses
    From the level of the seat to the working area of ​​the table top, there should be a distance of at least 25 cm, but not more than 30 cm.
    Therefore, users do not have to bend down or stretch too much, which may cause accumulated aches and pains due to the contraction of the shoulder muscles.
  • Table and chair sets
    Table: It should be high from the floor to the table top for 75 cm.
    Chair : It should be high from the floor up to the seat for 45 cm.
  • Kitchen countertops
    Cooking counter : It should be 80-90 cm high and about 60 cm deep. If it is a Thai kitchen style, the height should be lowered about 15 cm to use for the stove.
    Dining counter: the standard should be 85-110 cm high, and it is recommended to choose within this distance to suit the use of each person.
  • Living rooms
    Sofa : For 2 seats, the length should be within 120-150 cm.
    For 3 seats, the length should be within 150-200 cm.
    Depth including backrest should be within 80-90 cm.
    Height from the floor to the seat should be 38-42 cm.

What is the difference between Mass Production and Hand craft?

Mass Production is usually a product with simple and uncomplicated standard forms, mostly made in China. It uses high-volume production machines and low quality materials in order to reduce  production costs.
Hand craft is creating a piece of art that uses highly experienced technicians, emphasizing on sophistication and meticulousness. Better Craft Company’s products are classified as a Hand Craft design that focuses on uniqueness and is appropriate for individual preferences and styles.

What is the difference between PU paint and lacquer?

Lacquer in the normal market is outstanding in making wood dry quickly, and the price is not high. This makes wood-furniture craftsmen use it and usually mix with thinner. Due to the need for the work to dry more slowly, the craftsman will have time to check details while using a brush to paint on the wood, which is suitable for work that does not focus on touch.
Polyurethane is a hard coat with both quality and a higher price than lacquer. It is resistant to scratches, abrasion, and rubbing well. There is a fine nano-scale substance that coats the surface of the wood. The water cannot seep into the wood. Also, it is weather resistant and suitable for work requiring high durability. The craftsmen must use a detailed spray paint onto the wood with their expertise because if there is not enough skill, the paint that goes down to the wood will not be smooth. Therefore, Better Craft Company has chosen polyurethane to suit the work used for the interior. Since real wood is sensitive to temperature changes with different seasons, polyurethane is an important factor in prolonging its service life. And it is also the quality standard of European products the same as used in children’s toys called EN71, which is very safe when children touch or enter their mouth.

How is Better Craft different from other brands?

Our company pays attention to every aspect of details, starting from the design, in which many models will take months to find inspiration and designs from months to years.
Designs from our designers are also covered under Patent Act and intellectual property law.
We have experience in grading materials to create parts by prioritizing quality first (not looking for a cheap price first to reduce costs) from small materials such as nuts and screws to the main material such as wood. We have specific tips and techniques for selecting and processing as well.
With different and highly unique designs, we take time to put up the work in every step longer than the designs in the general market. The company, therefore, has to select skilled craftsmen with a lot of experience, special, rigorous, and most importantly, highly refined for the most complete workpiece.